We at Paretix have an organized process of recruiting and qualifying analysts in order to ensure quality professionals for the long run. The recruiting process is as follows:

1. Introductory job interview

An initial assessment of the candidate, including experience, motivation, commitment to the workplace and matching expectations takes place. 

2. Technical/professional interview

This stage consists of a written exam and going over its results afterwards. The purpose of this stage is to assess the candidate's competence in various technical aspects such as:

  • SQL

  • Methods of accessing structured data (DW tables).

  • Ways of solving complicated problems and analytical thinking.

3. Psychological interview

An interview with a qualified psychologist is held to get an assessment of the candidate's character and their strengths and weaknesses, and an assessment as to how well they will fit in with the project and client.

4. Professional-Business interview

In this stage, a try-out test is being conducted in order to understand the candidate's suitability to a specific project. As part of this stage, an in-depth interview is held in order to fully understand the candidate's experience in the analysis field and evaluate his/her skills while considering  the position's demands, attributes and team.