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Ariel Resnik, CEO

Ariel has been working in credit analytics for 17 years in different roles:
• As a credit analyst developed the credit risk       Models of a large bank
• As a consultant, managed credit regulation       Projects in several banks
• Established Paretix ten years ago
Fascinated to discover new ways in which Analytics can improve customers ’and Employees’ lives

Ishai Barel, Delivery

Ishai has more than seven years' experience in model development and risk management at Paretix. He specializes in credit risk regulation and impaired debts systems. He has built and implemented solutions for credit product pricing, based on RAROC and economic value, and is now managing projects and teams for the risk division of several large banks in Israel.


Tami Maymon, CFO 

CPA, MBA in Business administration, Major accountancy, Has more then 20 years experience as a business controller in several multinational  companies , Tami was recently certified as a senior payroll accountant, from the institute public accounted in Israel. 

Jorn Richter, Chief Data Scientist

Jorn believes in the power of analytics and data processing in almost all business environments. In his career, he has developed numerous models and worked as consultant in different projects in the credit field. Jorn believes the key to success and staying on top is to identify new challenges and adapt quickly to changing environments.

Alex Dayan, R&D

Alex has over 25 years' experience leading and managing software projects in agile methodologies, including architecture, databases and professional UI/UX. He has expertise in all aspects of product life cycle, from a mere idea to a complete product offering, and has a broad system vision, deep understanding of relations between technology and business. With a strong technical background, he has a rich and wide set of Web and stand-alone technologies and tools.


Roman Brisker, Customer Success

Roman leads teams on various projects in large financial institutions across Israel (banks, credit card companies, etc. ). He provides guidance and consulting to clients through analytical processes from end to end, and developed models for credit risk (PD, LGD), both for retail and business segments.