In order to combine analytics and expert knowledge, we take a multidisciplinary approach that combines:

  • Mathematical and statistical modeling such as regression, decision trees and machine learning.
  • Technical capabilities in various tools and environments including SAS, R, Hadoop, SQL.
  • Macro understanding of the markets.
  • Intuition based on experience.

We believe that such capabilities are difficult to teach in a formal way but need to be learned in the same way as law and medicine must be studied, in a hands-on manner. At Paretix, a young analyst works in a team next to experts. He or she can see how their colleagues think and deal with complex different challenges.

Continuing Education

We believe in continued professional development, and being up-to-date on developments in the field. This helps us evolve as individuals and as a company. Every month, Paretix provides a lecture to employees on a different topic.

Paretix has developed a training program in the fields of credit risk and scoring for new analysts. The program takes three years where analysts learn from industry experts, while working full-time as analysts. The program is intended for new employees and for permanent employees with more than one year of experience. Topics covered include:

  • Finance - How the banking system works, credit risk processes, regulation and more.
  • Technology - SAS, Excel and SQL for advanced users, big data, working with DW.
  •  Statistics - Basic lessons in model development, determining samples for model development, results trial run and analysis, model types (TTC/PIT), all types of development methodologies.