We’re a fintech company working on new, state-of-the-art banking solutions. Our office is in the heart of Tel Aviv is growing fast, and we looking for great people to help us grow faster! We enjoy working together, and take an all-hands-on-deck approach to meeting our customers’ needs.

We also make time to have fun, with regular team outings and opportunities to expand our skills and learn more about what other folks on the team are up to. We have more than 40 people working for us, with experts in analytics, modeling, marketing, algorithms, finance and more.


The job includes analytical modeling, working with databases, use of advanced statistical tools, and combination models of business decision-making processes. To learn about our hiring process for analysts, please click here.


  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management / Economics / Statistics
  • Experience with SQL
  • Statistics (Macro / VBA / PIVOT / VLOOKUP) thorough knowledge of Excel
  • Experience working with data analysis and large databases, performance analysis and report generation
  • A sense of responsibility, the ability to learn independently and strong communication skills


  • SPSS / STATA / SAS knowledge of statistical tools for data analysis
  • Experience in the world of banking is a significant advantage

+ Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist you will Create, build and implement state-of-the-art automated ML solutions. Extract as much information as you can from external data sources, including understanding the business and bring your own insights. Handle various types of data - some of it unstructured, some of it structured.

  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience - statistical tools, data development, applied mathematics, machine learning, analyzing data
  • Experience with predictive modelling
  • Strong coding background - preferably Python/R
  • Team player, motivated, dedicated and fun to be with
  • A strong desire to learn everything about the company and make a difference
  • Being creative, open-minded and bottom-up oriented
  • Experience with fin-tech / credit score modeling - big advantage
  • Experience with graph databases - an advantage

+ Junior Economist to the Head of the Finance Division in a big credit Company

  • Assistance in the ongoing management of the division
  • Monitoring and control of the division's budget
  • Task management


  • B.A in Economic/Business Administration – a must have.
  • Great knowledge of Excel, Power Point etc.
  • Great Projects Management skills.
  • Independence
  • Assertiveness